Unhealthy Conflict in a Relationship

When conflict is handled in an unhealthy manner, it can cause irreparable rifts and resentments. Unhealthy conflict in a relationship can also be a source of stress that can lead to physical health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity. However, when conflict is dealt with in a healthy way it increases understanding of the other person, builds trust and strengthens the relationship.

One of the biggest signs of unhealthy conflict in a relationship is when both people are focused on winning an argument rather than finding a solution that works for both parties. This can happen when someone begins arguments with sweeping generalizations like, “You always,” or, “You never.” Labeling the other person with negative perceptions will only increase tension and make it impossible to reach a resolution.

Another common sign of unhealthy conflict is when a couple starts to lash out at each other verbally and physically. When this happens, it’s often because one partner isn’t able to communicate their feelings with the other effectively. Oftentimes the person who is lashing out feels that they are being taken for granted and doesn’t have a safe space to share their feelings.

Many couples struggle with communication in their relationships. If you need help with improving your communication skills, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Forward Together Counseling for individual or couples therapy. We are here to help you develop better communication techniques that will allow you to resolve conflicts in a healthy manner. unhealthy conflict in a relationship

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