How to Create a Training Video for Employee Onboarding

A training video is one that teaches people new skills, practices, or concepts. While tutorials walk you through a specific task and how-to videos share general tips, training videos take a deeper dive into a subject and teach broader principles and procedures. Oftentimes, these videos are used by human resources (HR) teams to help employees transition into their roles and ensure they understand company policies, values, and procedures.

When it comes to employee onboarding, training videos can be a big part of the process, so it’s important to make sure the content is clear, concise, and engaging for your audience. A good way to do that is to create a compelling narrative or use visuals to break down complex ideas into easily digestible pieces of information. You can also include interactive elements, such as quizzes or simulations, to keep your audience engaged.

The key to making effective training videos is to clearly define the objective of the video before you start production. This will determine the video format you choose—for example, animated whiteboards are best for explaining processes and procedures, whereas talking head videos work well for communicating internal team policies or values.

To create a quality training video, you’ll need a great piece of equipment to record your visuals and audio. Some people get away with using their smartphone camera and a webcam, but you’ll need to invest in a higher-quality camera to capture professional-looking footage for your training video. You’ll also need a top-notch video editor to pull everything together, add text, music, and other personal touches to your training video. schulungsvideo

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