Shutter Blinds Newcastle – Transform Your Home With Shutters

When it comes to window dressing, there are a lot of options to consider. The best advice is to seek the help of a specialist, someone who can assist with pairing, matching and layering different fabric types, colours and styles. They will also consider the impact of light, heat and privacy, and can provide you with a personalised quote. If you’re building a new home, they can even provide quotes off plan, itemised window by window, or per square metre.

Shutter blinds Newcastle are the perfect option for home or business owners looking for better thermal protection and indoor temperature regulation, whilst bringing a touch of luxury to any living area. They offer a number of customisable features to meet the aesthetic needs of any space, including frame type, shutter material, louvre size and tilt rod style, as well as colour and staining options.

Made of high-quality hardwood timbers, including basswood, teak, and jarrah, shutters are available in an array of finishes that can be stained or painted to suit your décor. They are a stylish choice for both traditional and contemporary interiors, as they can easily be matched to any furniture or other window furnishings, with the option of having them hinged, fixed in place or sliding to allow you to open or close them as needed.

There are two main styles of plantation shutters: a recess fit or face fit. A recessed fit is made to sit flush with the window frame, and a face fit is attached to the wall on either side of the window or door. A face fit is often preferred, as it helps to hide any gap between the shutter and window frame.

Curtains and blinds are a popular window treatment option for homes, but they can’t compare to the elegance and luxury of shutters. They add an instant sense of sophistication to any room, transforming drab or dated interiors into luxurious and modern showpieces. They’re also available in a huge range of fabrics, colours and designs, so there’s sure to be the perfect option to suit any taste or décor.

If you’re ready to transform your home with shutters, browse the Houzz professional directory for Curtains, Blinds and Shutters Retailers and Showrooms in Newcastle, NSW. Read reviews, check out past projects and request a quote from the best shutter, blind and curtain experts near you. Shutter blinds Newcastle

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