Pilates Workshop Wollongong

Pilates is a method of body conditioning that promotes core strength, flexibility and general wellbeing using controlled exercises. It is best performed 3-5 times per week to sculpt and tone the muscles, change faulty movement patterns and improve your wellbeing.

Our instructors are highly qualified, experienced and professional. They provide a supportive, encouraging and fun atmosphere that allows students to reach their full potential.

Classes are kept to a maximum of 5 clients per class so that each client receives personalised instruction. We use a combination of small apparatus and mat work in all our classes to challenge the student in a safe and controlled environment. Our classes range from beginners to advanced, with an emphasis on a corrective and holistic approach.

Unlike fitness or cardio based exercise, Pilates focuses on the strengthening of deep core muscles, the realignment of the spine and teaching correct breathing patterns for efficient movement. This will reduce pain and stiffness, increase performance, prevent injury, and improve posture & mobility for everyday life.

We are a small family owned business, offering boutique and functional classes in a friendly environment. The Pilates Workshop caters to all levels of experience and provides a supportive environment to develop your core strength, stamina and confidence.

Our instructors are experienced and accredited in the Australian Pilates Federation (APF). They provide a quality service that is safe, effective and fun. The classes are a mixture of mat and reformer Pilates, with an emphasis on breath and core strength. You will leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and energised!

Our physiotherapists are qualified in Clinical Pilates and can prescribe Pilates as part of your treatment. The therapists will conduct a full clinic assessment taking into account your history, lifestyle, work and recreational activities to determine the best treatment option for you.

We offer both private and group based sessions in our fully equipped studio. Private classes are a one to one session where the instructor will focus on individual needs and goals, using a variety of equipment to create a challenging and rewarding class. Small groups are a group of up to 4 participants where a more fun and social setting is created with the use of Rollers, Medicine ball, Magic Circle, Chii ball and theraband.

Private sessions can be booked individually or in packs of 5. The cost is the same for both a single and pack of 5 private sessions.

We are located in the heart of Wollongong’s city centre and welcome all new & returning clients to come and try our Pilates Space! We are also proud to offer Physiotherapy services within our premises. If you have NDIS funding, please ask about combining a physiotherapy and Pilates session! This can be claimed under the ‘Improved Daily Living’ category of your funding. Please call or book online to arrange a consultation. pilates wollongong

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