Spider-Man Sweat-Shirt

Get comfy and warm while you celebrate everyone’s favorite web-slinger with this Spider-man Sweat-shirt! This black and red sweatshirt features front, back, and sleeve placements of the iconic superhero’s suit along with the iconic Spider-man logo.

Cloth Black Suit
When Peter was given this suit by the Black Cat in Spectacular Spider-Man #99, it differed from his traditional red and blue costume in that the lenses had small yellow rings around them, it didn’t have a webbing pattern on the torso, and the legs of the spider logo were white rather than the typical red. He wore it on several occasions, including when the symbiote bonded to him and he had to use the bells of Our Lady of Saints church to remove it. Later, he used it to help him battle a symbiote-possessed Brood that was attacking S.W.O.R.D. and again when he was forced to bond with the Venom symbiote for an extended period of time.

The suit also had external web-shooters and an uncovered left arm, an orange vest, a brown utility belt that extended from the waist to the knees, and a logo that didn’t extend past his boots. After Ben Reilly was healed by Janine Godbe, he was given this version of the costume made from impact-thickening foam-based polymers.

Miles created this suit from The Underground’s programmable matter. It resembles the Prowler’s suit but has a different color scheme and webbing pattern, is more streamlined, and can manifest waldoes. Spider-man Sweat-shirt

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