Unisex Spider-Man Hoodie

Get the look of your favourite superhero from the Marvel blockbuster movie series Spider-man. Inspired by the brave and kind comic book character, this Unisex Spider-man Hoodie is a must have for all web heads. The hoodie has a fitted sporty finish and features red web detailing on the front, giving it that perfect “web head” look.

The hoodie is made from high quality fleece fabric, which ensures comfort and durability at the same time. It has a hoodie style collar, full length sleeves with tapering at the cuffs, front zipper fastening closure and two side waist pockets. The hoodie is available in black and red colour combination.

The hoodie is suitable for all weather conditions. It can be worn in the summer and can also be used during winters as it is lightweight and warm. However, the hoodie would not be suitable for snowy areas as it is not made from thick fabrics like other jackets. The hoodie is machine washable. This hoodie is also a great gift item for all Spider-man fans.

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